Welcome to Paradise

Food is Happiness

Parmigiana di borragine

The Recipe for


A cluster of cherry tomatoes, a handful of fragrant borage leaves, and some tender pumpkin flowers.

Happiness feeds on simplicity, the wonders of living natural ingredients, all within reach and close to your heart.


We wanted something different from the usual banquet facilities and we chose the “Paradiso” ...Nuova Sala Paradiso is wonderful because it combines history, style, and the hospitality offered by an exceptional staff and a great chef like Peppe Zullo. We would make the same choice 1000 times over. 1000 thanks to Nuova Sala Paradiso.

Antonietta & Francesco, a couple from Lucera

The winery is absolutely fantastic, the room is welcoming and the gardens and roof terrace are wonderful. Nuova Sala Paradiso was the setting for a wedding where everyone had fun and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal. Thank you Peppe.

Michela & Antonio, a couple from San Severo

We both love Orsara di Puglia, and we fell in love with it by eating at Peppe Zullo's. This is why we got married at Nuova Sala Paradiso. It only takes half an hour to get there but you find yourself in a magical world, full of plants and trees and stone arches, and with a stylish reception room and a splendid cellar. Our wedding was perfect.

Antonella & Michele, a couple from Foggia


+39 340 3914654

For a unique day or for a weekend in Paradise, for a special lunch, to sample a wine of ours or just for more informations, call us, we'll be happy to talk and if you'll come and join us Nuova Sala Paradiso will greet you in the warm hug of the Daunian Mounts, the sweet hills of Puglia.